X-ray Studies of Adenocarcinoma of the Esophagogastric Junction Shunji Shimaoka 1 , Akio Matsuda 1 , Tatsuyuki Niou 1 , Kouichiro Tsukasa 1 , Hiromitsu Torimaru 1 , Koutaro Tashiro 1 , Toru Niihara 1 , Yoshito Nishimata 1 , Masahide Hori 1 , Hiroto Nishimata 1 , Koichi Kawaida 2 , Toyokuni Suenaga 2 , Sadao Tanaka 3 1Department of Gastroenterology, Nanpu Hospital, Kagoshima, Japan 2Department of Surgery, Nanpu Hospital, Kagoshima, Japan 3Department of Pathology, Nanpu Hospital, Kagoshima, Japan Keyword: 食道胃接合部腺癌 , X線像 , 存在診断 , 深達度 , 食道浸潤 pp.1111-1126
Published Date 2009/6/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403101702
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 One hundred and seven patients〔84 males and 23 females, average age 71(41~93)〕with adenocarcinoma of the gastroesophageal junctions(112 lesions)treated by surgery or endoscopic treatment at Nanpu Hospital from August 1998 to July 2008 were evaluated retrospectively. Six lesions were Barrett's carcinomas. Other lesions were mucosal or submucosal carcinomas(72)and advanced carcinomas(34). Average tumor sizes were 24.4mm for mucosal or submucosal carcinomas and 64.3mm for advanced carcinomas. The center of the tumor was located in the lesser curvature or posterior wall in 85%of cases. Rates of submucosal invasion by tumor size were 30% for 10mm or less,28% for 11 to 20mm,46% for 21 to 30mm, and 75% for 31 or more. Macroscopic type of mucosal and submucosal carcinoma was predominantly depressed with most tumors well differentiated carcinomas. 11 of the 72 lesions(15.3%)had esophageal invasion, with average invasion being 2mm(1~3mm)in mucosal and 3.8mm(1~8mm)in submucosal carcinomas. Twenty-two of the 34 advanced carcinomas(64.7%)had esophageal invasion with an average invasion of 11.6mm(1~39mm). X-ray examination is useful for the getting a whole image of a lesion in the narrow lumen of the eosophago-gastric region ; making detection of advanced carcinomas easy. Mucosal or submucosal carcinomas, if a protruded types, are easy to detect as radiolucent lesions with clear margins. For superficial depressed types, the area of a mucosal carcinoma was not clearly traced. Most submucosal carcinomas were, however, clearly traced on an X-ray examination and radiolucency showing in a depressed area suggested the carcinoma had invaded deeply into the submucosal layer. In mucosal and submucosal carcinomas there were no lesions with convergent folds ; all lesions with convergent folds were advanced carcinomas. Esophageal invasion was able to be diagnosed from the irregularity of the EGJ or lower esophagus in submucosal and advanced carcinomas. Because most Barrett's carcinoma with SSBE are located in the right or posterior wall ; half-standing, prone, right anterior, oblique and half-standing, supine, left anterior, oblique projections are useful in double-contrast studies.

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