Collagenous Colitis:A Case Report andReview of the Japanese Literature Katsutoshi Ando 1 , Yusei Ikeda 1 , Yoshimasa Maeda 1 , Shinji Morishita 1 , Masao Matsumoto 1 , Yoshiyuki Sato 1 , Wahei Shinmura 1 , Toru Inoue 2 1Department of Internal Medicine, Tokyo Kousei Nenkin Hospital, Tokyo 2Department of Pathology, Tokyo Kousei Nenkin Hospital, Tokyo Keyword: collagenous colitis , 下痢 , collagen band pp.1399-1404
Published Date 2008/8/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403101458
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 Collagenous colitis is a bowel disease of unknown etiology reported by Lindstrom in 1976. Characterized by chronic diarrhea, its diagnosis is based on histopathologically identifying the formation of a subepithelial collagen band in the colon. Several hundred cases have been reported in Europe and the United States, but only 38 in Japan. We encountered one case of collagenous colitis in which symptoms improved notably with steroid treatment. We report this case with a brief review of the literature.

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