Collagenous Gastritis, a Counterpart of Collagenous Colitis: Review of Japanese Case Reports Masaaki Kobayashi 1 , Yuichi Sato 1 , Kenya Kamimura 1 , Rintaro Narisawa 2 , Atsuo Sekine 3 , Yutaka Aoyagi 1 , Yoichi Ajioka 4 , Hidenobu Watanabe 5,6 1Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, Niigata University Medical and Dental Hospital, Niigata, Japan 2Department of Endoscopy, Niigata University Medical and Dental Hospital, Niigata, Japan 3Department of Internal Medicine, Niigata Prefectural Yoshida Hospital, Niigata, Japan 4Division of Molecular and Diagnostic Pathology, Graduate School of Medical and Dental Sciences, Niigata University, Niigata, Japan 5Niigata University, Niigata, Japan 6Pathology & Cytology Laboratories, Kawagoe, Japan Keyword: collagenous gastritis , collagenous colitis , collagen band , mucosal nodularity pp.2019-2028
Published Date 2009/12/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403101821
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 Collagenous gastritis and collagenous colitis are both defined histologically as the presence of a subepithelial collagen band thicker than 10μm in association with increased inflammatory cell infiltrate of the lamina propria mucosa. Collagenous gastritis is a rare disorder, with 5 Japanese cases reported to date. A total of 6 Japanese cases were reviewed with our one additional case. Those patients were 20-43 years old, and presented for health checkup or for epigastric pain. Upper gastrointestinal barium radiography and endoscopy demonstrated mucosal nodularity surrounded by depressed mucosa, possibly resulting from heterogeneous inflammation and irregular atrophy of the mucosal gland. In Western countries some cases have been reported associated with collagenous colitis and/or collagenous duodenitis, but, in our country, they have been reported as being without colonic involvement.

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