Endoscopic Therapy for Postoperative Recurrent Ulcers in Intestinal Behcet's Disease and Simple Ulcers Masaaki Matsukawa 1 , Terushige Yamamoto 1 , Akitoshi Miyamoto 1 , Hayato Hirashima 1 , Jun Ushio 1 , Takashi Sekikawa 1 , Kyoko Kashima 1 , Sadanori Kubo 1 , Syun Sato 1 , Tomohiko Yoshida 1 , Masahiro Wada 1 , Atsushi Sato 1 , Noboru Yokoyama 2 , Kouji Shimizu 2 , Kaduhide Kumagai 2 1Department of Internal Medicine, Toyosu Hospital, Showa University, Tokyo 2Department of Surgery, Toyosu Hospital, Showa University, Tokyo Keyword: 腸管Behcet , 単純性潰瘍 , 無水エタノール , Pentasa(R)注腸液 , 術後再発 pp.597-601
Published Date 2008/4/24
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403101336
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 The postoperative recurrence of intestinal Behcet's and simple ulcer is frequently noticed. Recurrent ulcers have been recognized around the anastomotic region. We performed spraying for recurrent ulcers with absolute ethanol, but the patient complained of abdominal pain after we used it for spraying big ulcers. For that reason, we have used mesalazine fluid for such spraying. The patient has not complained of abdominal pain due to mesalazine spraying. In the initial period punched out ulcers around the anastomotic region were recognized. Under these therapies the size of the ulcers has decreased or were sometimes reduced to scars.

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