Multiple Primary Cancer in the Esophagus and Other Organs Hiroyasu Makuuchi 1 1Department of Surgery, Tokai University, School of Medicine Keyword: 二重複癌 , 多発癌 , 食道癌 , 頭頸部癌 , 胃癌 pp.317-330
Published Date 2003/3/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403100881
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 Among 1,317 esophageal cancers in our hospital,30% of them were found to have other primary cancers besides esophageal cancer. 90 % of these patients had double cancers and 9 % of them had triple or more cancers. The location of the other cancer is most frequently found in the head and neck (40 %) followed by stomach (26%) then colon (11%).

 These multiple primary cancers were only found in 63 (18.8%) of 335 surgically operated cases, while they were found in 110 (31.6%) of 348 EMR treated cases. The low frequency of multiple primary cancer in the former cases might be attributed to the indication of operation limited to only the curable cases of the other cancer. The esophagectomy cases include synchronous multiple cancers in 8.3 % and metachronous multiple cancers in 10.4%, which shows a predominance in postoperative development. Esophageal cancer seemed to be eligible for inclusion in the category of curable diseases.

 Multiple head and neck cancer with esophageal cancer included hypopharyngeal cancer in 36.0 %, followed by tongue cancer in 22.7%, then laryngeal cancer in 14.0%. By screening 1,320 head and neck cancer patients, esophageal cancer was detected in 165 cases (12.5%), but hypopharyngeal cancer and tongue cancer were detected in 35.8 % and 23.0 % respectively. 85% of esophageal cancers detected in head and neck cancer patients were superficial cancers.

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