Esophageal Cancer Appearing as 0-Ⅱc with the Ridge Elevation (0-Ⅱc+Ⅱa), Report of a Case Hikaru Tanaka 1 , Hideo Shimada 1 , Osamu Chino 1 , Takayuki Nishi 1 , Hiroyasu Makuuchi 1 1Department of Surgery, Tokai University, School of Medicine Keyword: 食道表在癌 , 内視鏡的粘膜切除 , 0-Ⅱc+Ⅱa , 深達度診断 , 辺縁隆起 pp.441-444
Published Date 2001/2/26
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403103169
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 A 72-year-old female was transferred to the present hospital after it being pointed out during preoperative examinations in another hospital that she had an esophageal lesion. The upper GI series showed a shallow depressed lesion accompanied with ridge elevation. Endoscopy revealed a red depression smaller than 1 cm with ridge elevation, 27 cm from the incisor. From the findings of apparent 0-Ⅱc+Ⅱa, suspected to be m3 in depth, a surgical operation was considered to be necessary. However EMR was chosen instead because of poor respiratory function in the patient and the existence of ischemic heart disease and commmon bile duct stone. Pathology revealed a moderately differentiated squamous cell carinoma of m3, ly0, v0.

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