Bone Cell Biology Assessed by Microscopic Approach. Bone histomorphometry of remodeling, modeling and minimodeling. Yamamoto Noriaki 1 , Shimakura Taketoshi 2 , Takahashi Hideaki 3 1Niigata Bone Science Institute, Japan. 2Niigata Bone Science Institute, Japan. 3Niigata Bone Science Institute, Japan. pp.1491-1497
Published Date 2015/9/28
DOI https://doi.org/10.20837/4201510069
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 Bone histomorphometry is defined as a quantitative evaluation of bone remodeling. In bone remodeling, bone resorption and bone formation are coupled with scalloped cement lines. Another mechanism of bone formation is minimodeling which bone formation and resorption are independent. The finding of minimodeling appeared in special condition with metabolic bone disease or anabolic agents. We need further study for minimodeling feature and mechanism.


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