Non-anastomotic Pseudoaneurysm of a Prosthetic Graft with Sternal Erosion after Total Aortic Arch Replacement Yukihiro Matsuno 1 , Shohei Mitta 1 , Yukio Umeda 1 , Yoshiaki Goto 1 , Shuntaro Horio 1 , Yoshio Mori 1 1Department of Cardiovascular Surgery, Gifu Prefectural General Medical Center Keyword: non-anastomotic pseudoaneurysm of a prosthetic graft , total aortic arch replacement , sternal erosion , endovascular repair pp.338-342
Published Date 2021/5/1
DOI https://doi.org/10.15106/j_kyobu74_338
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An 82-year-old man underwent total aortic arch replacement with a 24 mm Triplex four-branched graft for aortic arch aneurysm. After two years, he was diagnosed with pseudoaneurysms due to bleeding from a non-anastomotic site of the branch graft to the left common carotid artery and minor leakage from a distal anastomotic site of the main graft. A self-expandable Fluency covered stent and cTAG thoracic endograft were used for the aneurysm. After four years, he was referred to our hospital with a complaint of pulsatile swelling of the anterior chest wall. Contrast enhanced computed tomography (CT) revealed a pseudoaneurysm arising from a non-anastomotic site of the branch graft to the left common carotid artery, which extended into the anterior chest wall and the skin through the sternum. He underwent emergency endovascular repair using a Niti-S ComVi covered stent. The postoperative course was uneventful. Postoperative CT showed shrinkage of the pseudoaneurysm. The patient was discharged and required no reintervention during the follow-up.

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