A Study of the Awareness of Volcanic Disasters in Iwate Kyoko Noguchi 1 , Katsuharu Nakazato 2 , Toku Ishii 1 , Sachiko Hosogoe 1 Keyword: 自然災害 , 噴火 , 不安 , 精神的健康 , GHO , natural disasters , volcanic eruption , anxiety , mental health , General Health Questionnaire(GHQ) pp.30-38
Published Date 2000/10/30
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.7008200376
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 The aim of this study was to clarify the mental condition, the awareness and anxiety, of people living around Mt.Iwate who are faced with possible volcanic disaster. A questionnaire was conducted on a population of 701 residents using the GHQ-28, NEO-FFI.

The result were as follows :

1)Approximately 80% of the residents worried about an eruption. Over 50% of residents were anxious about the unpredictably of disaster.

2)Only 15% of residents were prepared for a disaster inspite of the fact that approximately 97% of residents worried about an eruption.

3)Almost the half of the residents who care for a bedridden elderly worried a suitable rescue operation for them and were anxious about the lack of knowledge for a disaster drill.

4)In the group of residents over 60, the ratio who confirm knowledge of a place of refuge is low, and a large percentage worried about the lack of disaster drills, even though they were discussed about a plan for eruption with their family.

5)The percentage of residents with a high score of GHQ-28 over 6 points was 42%, higher than 14% of the standard.

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