Body Image of Patients with Parkinson's Disease Chisono Kameishi 1 , Mariko Tanimoto 2 , Harue Masaki 3 1Graduate School of Medicine, Osaka University 2Tokyo Healthcare University 3Graduate School of Nursing, Chiba University Keyword: パーキンソン病 , 神経難病 , ボディイメージ , Parkinson's disease , neurological intractable diseases , body image pp.51-61
Published Date 2013/6/20
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 Aim: This study aimed to clarify the body image of patients with Parkinson's disease(PD).

 Method: Data were collected from 6 PD patients under nursing care in hospital. All data were analyzed using the Qualitative Synthesis Method(KJ method). After analyzing the data individually for each case, analysis as for which each result united all was conducted.

 Results: According to the results of analysis for which each result united all, the following body images were observed: "the body which a coping method established," "the body which is hopeless by myself," "the body which expected to improve," and "the body which perceives life and death by the moment." The results also indicated that PD patients are continuously influenced by body condition, and they keep transitioning between different body images. In addition, they were affected by "the body which continue trial and error" and "the body which has a relation with the others."

 Conclusion: Particular body images of patients with PD are formed by transitioning between various body images. Therefore, nurses caring for patients with PD should understand the mechanism underlying the formation of body images in these patients.

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