Journal of Japan Academy of Nursing Science Volume 21, Issue 1 (April 2001)

Outcome Evaluation and Cost-Effectiveness of Home Care Services Yoko Uchida 1 , Setsu Shimanouchi 2 , Ayumi Kouno 2 1Department of Doctoral Course in Community Health Nursing, Graduate School of Allied Health Science, Tokyo Medical and Dental University 2Community Health Nursing, School of Allied Health Science, Tokyo Medical and Dental University Keyword: 訪問看護 , アウトカム , 費用対効果 , 評価 , home care , outcome , cost-effectiveness , evaluation pp.9-17
Published Date 2001/4/5
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 The purpose of this study was to evaluate outcome of home care clients and to identity cost-affecting factors in client' condition and care characteristics by cost-effectiveness analyze. Subjects were 64 clients who received home care services and 11 nurses in a visiting nursing station. As a result, the solution rate of clients' needs was improved in areas such as“cleanliness”and“excretion”while the stability rate was high in“ADL disability”. Overall client satisfaction was high. Two areas of distribution, better and worse groups, were shown in the cost-effectiveness with the solution rate of clients' need and satisfaction. Independency affected the cost-effectiveness, and it was high in the better group but low in the worse group (t=2.14, p<0.05).“Rehabilitation”was high in the better (t=3.69, p<0.01), whereas“medical treatment”was high in the worse group (t=-2.44, p<0.05). It is necessary for nurses to improve clients' independency by care provision and utilization of social resources.

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21巻1号 (2001年4月)
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