Keyword: 自己決定理論 , 血液透析患者 , 自律性支援 , 自律的動機づけ , 有能感 , Self-Determination Theory , patients with hemodialysis treatment , autonomy support , autonomous motivation , competence pp.60-66
Published Date 2011/11/15

 A purpose of this study is to clarify whether the self-determination theory can apply to Japanese patients, to examine the support that aimed at the promotion of the self-management behavior of the patients with hemodialysis treatment. Effective responses were obtained from 323 patients. There mean age was 61.3 years (SD±10.6). Perception of the autonomy support, autonomous motivation, competence was assessed using the Health-Care Climate Questionnaire (HCCQ), the Treatment Self-Regulation Questionnaire (TSRQ), the Perceived Competence Scale (PCS). A multiple regression analysis was conducted to examine patient's self-management behavior and the relations of each concept of the self-determination theory health care model, and the contribution rate of a predicted variable was the highest. The standardized coefficient between each concepts of the self-determination theory health care model was 0.26~0.55. The perception of the autonomy support promotes autonomous motivation, and autonomous motivation facilitates competence. Furthermore, competence changed the self-management behavior. The above findings suggest that the self-determination theory can apply to Japanese patients with hemodialysis treatment, and importance of supporting the autonomy of the patient.

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