Interpreting the educational admission experience of patients newly diagnosed with type 2 diabetes: based on adult learning Miho Nakahara 1 , Harue Masaki 2 , Nobuko Kawai 3 1Japanese nursing association department of courses for certified nurses institute for graduate nurses 2Graduate School of Nursing, Chiba University 3Graduate School of Medicine, Osaka University Keyword: 2型糖尿病 , 初期教育 , 成人学習 , Type 2 diabetes , Transformative learning , Early education pp.111-119
Published Date 2020/9/30
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 To describe the interpretation of the educational admission experiences of patients newly diagnosed with type2 diabetes from the viewpoint of adult learning.

 Targeting four patients diagnosed with type 2 diabetes within the past six months, data were collected through observations of experiences during the educational admission process and semi-structured interviews after discharge.

 The collected data were analyzed using the nursing quality integration method (the KJ method).

 Three core titles were identified from the data.

 The core title [New understanding about the one's own body, acquisition of knowledge and technology] included the title <Changes in body and feelings that are discovered during the hospitalization experience affect the images of future life>.

 The core title [Critical reflection and quest for a new life] included the title <Remembering past experiences and interpreting them with the new knowledge gained during hospitalization and one's own tendencies or situation>.

 The core title [Building ability and confidence by trying, living on the basis of modified frames of reference] included the title <If it does not work as well as life in the hospital, life after discharge must be planned out with an eye toward balance>.

 The findings of this research show that the educational admission experience of patients newly diagnosed with type 2 diabetes involves forming new frames of reference for living with diabetes and living on the basis of frames of reference represented in the learning process.

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