Developing an ethical sensitivity scale for clinical nurses, and reviewing its reliability and adequacy Tomomi SUMI 1 , Chizuru MORI 2 1Ibaraki Central Hospital and Cancer Center 2University of Tsukuba Faculty of Medicine Division Health Innovation and Nursing Keyword: 倫理的感受性 , 臨床看護師 , 尺度開発 , 看護倫理 , ethical sensitivity , clinical nurses , scale development , nursing ethics pp.36-44
Published Date 2018/3/20
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.7001200062
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 This study aimed to develop a scale for measuring the ethical sensitivity of clinical nurses, and clarifying its reliability and adequacy. From literature and other sources, we extracted 100 cases of ethical issues experienced daily by clinical nurses, and ran them through a panel of experts and preliminary studies to create a test scale of 28 items. We used this test scale in an anonymous and self-recorded study on 1,911 nurses at seven facilities, and obtained a valid response rate of 63.1%. Based on the results of analysing the items and explorative factors, we extracted 19 items in the three factors of “sense of dignity,” “professional duty” and “loyalty to patients.” We confirmed internal consistency with a Cronbach's alpha reliability coefficient of 0.80 for all 19 items. Furthermore, the results of using known groups to review the adequacy of the constructs revealed a significantly higher score for nurses who have been trained in the ethics of nursing, compared to those who have not. These findings confirmed the reliability and adequacy of the scale, which can be used to measure the ethical sensitivity of clinical nurses.

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