Improvement of two dementia cases through home-visit occupational therapy focusing on co-occupation between the elderly with dementia and their family caregivers Kenichi Ono 1 , Daisuke Fujiwara 2 , Takayuki Kawakami 3 , Yuri Kanayama 1 1Department of Occupational Therapist, Faculty of Rehabilitation, Kawasaki University of Medical Welfare 2Non-Profit Organization Aozorakai Working Support Institutions of Type A Nagomi 3Kawaguchi Clinic Keyword: 認知症高齢者 , 介護者 , 家族支援 , 訪問作業療法 , 共作業 , Elderly with dementia , Caregiver , Family support , Visiting occupational therapy , Co-occupation pp.210-216
Published Date 2020/4/15
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 It is important to support family caregivers of individuals with dementia to maintain an appropriate home life. We implemented a co-occupation support program using the Measure of Supporting Co-occupation with two elderly individuals with dementia and their family caregivers during home-visiting occupational therapy. During the occupational therapy intervention for co-occupation, the Measure of Supporting Co-occupation revealed co-occupations that the participants intended to improve. Additionally, the severity of behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia of the elderly individuals decreased. Among family caregivers, the care burden decreased, and the intention to continue co-occupation increased. These results suggest that the intervention for co-occupation among elderly individuals with dementia and their family caregivers improved their occupational performance, which could lead to a more satisfying home life.

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