The relationship between frailty and TV viewing times among the community-dwelling elderly Makiko Ogihara 1 , Yasuhiro Kawahara 2 1Doctor Course, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, The Open University of Japan 2Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, The Open University of Japan Keyword: 地域在住高齢者 , 生活機能 , 生活時間 , 生活リズム , 介護予防 , Community-dwelling elderly , Daily life functioning , Time for daily activities , Life rhythm , Preventative care pp.171-177
Published Date 2019/4/15
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 It is well known that TV viewing time in the daily life of the elderly is high, and TV viewing over an extended period of time has a bad influence on health. However, the relationship between TV viewing times and the health is unclear. This study investigated the relationship of these two factors among the elderly. A questionnaire examining TV viewing times and the Kihon Checklist among 407 community-dwelling elderly was carried out. The results show that the viewer rating of older people who were judged as frail in the items of “locomotion” and “depression” and the comprehensive standards of Kihon Checklist were higher from 4pm to 6pm.

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