Investigation of the Conditions Required for Acquiring of Socks-handling Ability 5 Months after Total Hip Arthroplasty(Posterior Approach)with Consideration of the Functional Goals : A Longitudinal Study Kazuo Kinoshita 1 , Kenji Higuchi 1 , Yasuhide Nakayama 2 , Takuya Ohtani 3 , Masahiro Abo 4 1Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, The Jikei University Kashiwa Hospital 2Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, The Jikei University Hospital 3Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, The Jikei University School of Medicine 4Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, The Jikei University School of Medicine Keyword: 人工股関節全置換術 , total hip arthroplasty , 靴下着脱動作 , socks-handling ability , 関節可動域 , range of motion , 多施設間研究 , multicenter study pp.976-985
Published Date 2020/10/16
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Objective:This study was aimed at investigating the acquirement of socks-handling ability with hip flex, abduction, and external rotation position (hip open position)in 5 months after the posterior approach to total hip arthroplasty (THA), with consideration of the functional goals by conducting a multicenter cooperative study.

Methods:The study included 101 patients (104 hip joints) with hip osteoarthritis. We evaluated patient attribution;ranges of motion of the hip, knee and ankle;hip pain in socks-handling;and upper extremity length, which were evaluated before the operation, upon hospital discharge and at 5 months after the posterior approach to THA. The patients were classified into those who attained and did not attain socks-handling ability in open hip position until 5 months after THA. We investigated the factors for acquiring socks-handling ability by using a multiple logistic regression analysis.

Results:We identified three factors that significantly correlated to socks-handling ability as follows:(1) socks-handling ability before the operation, (2) range of hip external rotation before operation, and (3) range of hip abduction before discharge. The goal to acquire socks-handling ability is 27.5° hip external rotation and 17.5° hip abduction.

Conclusion:We suggest that socks-handling ability must be acquired before THA and that the target range of hip abduction and external rotation must be attained during the early post-THA stage.

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