Enhancing the possibility of learning in a regular classroom through OT participation in school consultation: A case study of a child with severe athetoid cerebral palsy Kazumi Obata 1,2 , Taro Otoshi 3 , Toshiaki Muraki 4 1Educational Institution Shirobara Nishio City 2Former affiliation; Division of Occupational Therapy, Faculty of Care and Rehabilitation, Seijoh University 3Division of Occupational Therapy, Faculty of Care and Rehabilitation, Kansai University of Welfare Sciences 4Department of Occupational Therapy, Ibaraki Prefectural University of Health Sciences Keyword: アテトーゼ型脳性麻痺 , 連携 , 特別支援教育 , Athetoid cerebral palsy , Cooperation , Special needs education pp.493-500
Published Date 2012/10/15
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 A 13-year-old child with athetoid cerebral palsy was placed in a regular classroom through OT's cooperation with teachers and other health care professionals. The main procedure consisted of optimal advice at the support meeting with his mother, teacher and school occupational therapists, as well as an individual planned guidance. The results indicated that the mother's daily burden was reduced and the teachers could objectively assess the child's learning process, as well as experience an effective relationship with handicapped children. The study suggests that OT participation in school consultations may enhance the learning possibility of severe athetoid cerebral palsy children in a regular classroom.

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