The specialty of the speech-language-hearing therapist and interprofessional collaboration in a geriatric health services facility Yumi Uesugi 1 Keyword: 認知症 , リハビリテーション , パーソンセンタードケア , 連携 , 言語聴覚士 , dementia , rehabilitation , cooperation , person-centered care , speech-language-hearing therapist pp.79-86
Published Date 2013/7/15
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.6001100362
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 In this article, we describe the practice of a speech-language-hearing therapist (SLHT) working at a geriatric health facility focusing on interdisciplinary dementia care. We believe that the basic approach to dementia care should incorporate the principles of person-centered care, set forth by the British geropsychologist Tom Kitwood. Person-centered dementia care is based on a deep appreciation of human nature and the value of each person. Careful observation of persons with dementia in daily activities is necessary to practice person-centered care by the multidisciplinary care team. Such an approach empowers persons with dementia living in a geriatric health facility, allowing them to stay calm and comfortable. Collecting and sharing information along with work coordination among different disciplines is important to meet the needs of persons with dementia. As SLHTs, we can and should actively contribute to the interdisciplinary team to realize the expressed needs of persons with dementia utilizing our specialties such as cognitive treatment techniques. Errorless learning and spaced retrieval treatments have been shown to be effective in helping people with dementia to acquire new information and/or motor skills necessary to support their lives. It is also emphasized that in the interdisciplinary approach, SLHTs should share information and collaborate with other disciplines in the evaluation and treatment of the areas that traditionally come under their specialties.

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