Rehabilitative management of dysphagia caused by laryngopha-ryngo-burn in a patient with schizophrenia : a case report Noriko Inoue 1 , Mana Yamori 2 , Yumiko Shiotani 3 , Tei Asai 4 , Eiji Kanazawa 5 , Tatsuhito Kawasaki 5 1Department of Speech-Language-Hearing Therapy, Mizuma Hospital 2Specialty of Speech-Language-Hearing Therapy, Osaka Kawasaki Rehabilitation University 3Department of Speech-Language Therapy, Kishiwada City Hospital 4Department of Emergency, Kishiwada City Hospital 5Department of Psychiatry, Mizuma Hospital Keyword: 咽喉頭熱傷 , 統合失調症 , 摂食・嚥下リハビリテーション , 嚥下造影検査 , 職種間連携 , laryngopharyngo-burn , schizophrenia , dysphagia rehabilitation , video fluorography , multidisciplinary cooperation pp.77-82
Published Date 2009/7/15
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.6001100200
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 Swallowing functions are likely to be affected by psychological manifestations and the type/dose of anti-psychotic agents; therefore, the management approach to dysphagia in psychopathic cases should be determined cautiously. Here we report a case of male schizophrenic patient having dysphagia caused by severe laryngopharyngo-burn with hot water, who subsequently received an emergency tracheotomy due to the advancing upper airway obstruction. An intensive dysphagia rehabilitation program by the multidisciplinary team led by a speech-language-hearing therapist (SLHT) was undertaken during the immediate post-remission period and resulted in a relatively swift improvement in his swallowing function. Possible reasons for this fast recovery are presented and discussed, including such factors as appropriate treatment during the acute phase, inter-hospital cooperation, repeated reviews with the video fluorography, young age, psychological condition, and SLHT-led multidisciplinary cooperation.

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