Verb-noun double dissociation in aphasic naming difficulties Junko Kubota 1 , Ikuyo Fujita 2 , Ritsuo Hashimoto 3 1Department of Rehabilitation, International University of Health and Welfare, Atami Hospital 2Department of Speech Language and Hearing Sciences, International University of Health and Welfare 3Department of Neurology, Hospital of International Health and Welfare Keyword: 失語症 , 呼称障害 , 名詞と動詞 , 認知神経心理学的モデル , 語彙処理 , aphasia , naming deficit , noun and verb , cognitive neuropsychological model , lexical processing pp.3-12
Published Date 2005/3/1
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.6001100018
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 Several studies have shown that the retrieval of nouns and verbs can be damaged selectively in aphasics. Only a few studies have considered lexical-semantic variables. We administered a confrontation naming task for nouns and verbs to seven aphasic patients with left posterior lesions. The lexical variables of familiarity and verb argument structure were controlled in constructing the task. Three patients were significantly more impaired with verbs, while two patients were more impaired with nouns. The patients with selective verb impairment had lesions in the left inferior parietal lobule, and those with selective noun impairment had lesions in the left temporal lobe. The results confirmed the existence of double dissociation for noun/verb naming in aphasic patients with left posterior lesions. We offer an interpretation of the results in light of current cognitive neuropsychological models of lexical processing.

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