Clinical outcomes for ‘Interval Appendectomy Protocol' in the treatment of acute appendicitis with an appendiceal abscess or mass Hiromitsu KINOSHITA 1,2 , Masato KONDO 1 , Takehito YAMAMOTO 1,3 , Satoshi KAIHARA 1 1Department of Surgery, Kobe City Medical Center General Hospital 2Department of Surgery, Toyooka Hospital 3Department of Surgery, Kyoto University Graduate School of Medicine Keyword: 腫瘤形成性虫垂炎 , 保存的治療 , プロトコル pp.206-213
Published Date 2019/5/15
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.4426200696
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 【Aims】 Recently, the benefit of ‘Interval Appendectomy' (IA) for appendiceal abscess or mass have been reported in several papers, especially by pediatricians. In our hospital, we have also designed the IA protocol for appendiceal abscess or mass. We have performed IA strategy, regardless of the age or the presence of coprolites. Here we report clinical outcomes for IA and discuss the efficacy of IA protocol. 【Methods】 We have treated 20 cases according to the protocol. We analyzed their outcomes. 【Results】 In two cases, there were deviations of protocol. In 18 cases, the protocol was completed and in all of them, we could perform laparoscopic appendectomy. Complication: only superficial incisional SSI 2 cases. 【Conclusions】 Our protocol of interval appendectomy for appendiceal abscess or mass is a safe and minimally invasive method of treatment.

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