INTENSIVIST Volume 11, Issue 2 (April 2019)

Nutrition Protocols Junko YAMAGUCHI 1 , Naoki HIGASHIBEPPU 2 1Division of Emergency and Critical Care Medicine Department of Acute Medicine Nihon University School of Medicine 2Department of Anesthesia Kobe City Medical Center General Hospital pp.347-355
Published Date 2019/4/1
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The need for nutritional protocols is highlighted in the nutritional guidelines published in different countries. However, in actuality, few protocols have been created, and compliance with these protocols is complicated by various difficulties. Developing and maintaining the impetus to create such protocols is challenging due to a lack of clear supporting evidence. The protocols must be customized according to their purpose. Facilities must first decide the motivation for the protocols and then discuss barriers to their adoption in an interdisciplinary manner. Nutritional assessment that identifies patients who will potentially benefit from nutritional therapy is essential. We recommend incorporating aspects that are potentially beneficial and devise protocols that avoid complications and mitigate harm. Let us explore the effects of nutritional therapy with protocols that take full advantage of resources available at each facility as well as the characteristics of each job function. I will share various tips that my colleagues and I have found to be helpful while creating and implementing nutritional protocols at our hospital.

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