KANGO-KENKYU Volume 43, Issue 3 (June 2010)

Effects of Foot Baths on Wakefulness and Fatigue of Elderly Patients : Results from a Basic Study of Female College Students and a Clinical Study of Hospitalized Elderly Patients Norie Nitta 1 , Kana Higaki 2 , Miho Ike 3 , Yukari Kumagai 3 , Yoshiko Nishio 3 1Graduate School of Medicine,Osaka University 2Kyoto University Hospital 3Osaka University Dental Hospital Keyword: 高齢者 , 足浴 , 覚醒 , 倦怠感 , elderly patients , foot bath , wakefulness , fatigue pp.237-245
Published Date 2010/6/15
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1681100442
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 This work involves two studies conducted to clarify the effectiveness of morning foot baths on increasing wakefulness and reducing fatigue among elderly hospitalized patients during the day. Study1 compared wakefulness and drowsiness of 12 female students(average age 21.3) throughout the day on days they received morning foot baths as opposed to days in which they did not receive foot baths. Wakefulness was assessed by having the subjects estimate their own current degree of wakefulness on a scale of 1 to 100,and drowsiness was measured using the JESS. It was found that wakefulness was significantly enhanced(p=0.022) and drowsiness reduced(p=0.002) on days that the subjects had the foot baths as opposed to days when they did not.

 This was followed by a nearly identical cross-over design Study2 to assess the effects of foot baths on wakefulness and drowsiness during the day of 15 elderly hospitalized patients(average age 70.1). In Study2, the subjects were asked to assess the degree of wakefulness, drowsiness, and fatigue they currently felt on a scale of 1 to 100, and the results were subjected to Wilcoxon signed-rank testing. Again, the subjects reported significantly greater wakefulness(p=0.009) and reduced fatigue(p=0.008) on days that their feet were soaked in the morning as opposed to days when they were not. These results suggest that soaking or bathing the feet in the morning does have some salutary effect in stimulating wakefulness and reducing fatigue during the day.

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