Clinical Ethics for Multiple System Atrophy Takayoshi Shimohata 1 1Department of Neurology, Gifu University Graduate School of Medicine Keyword: 多系統萎縮症 , 臨床倫理 , 突然死 , 認知症 , 真実告知 , multiple system atrophy , clinical ethics , sudden death , dementia , truth telling pp.747-752
Published Date 2020/7/1
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1416201592
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Clinical ethical issues may arise at any stage of multiple system atrophy. Even if there is “bad news,” such as sudden death or dementia in the future, the patient has the right to know, but the notification should be made with prudence and consideration for the patient. We also need to recognize that there is insufficient evidence to support clinical ethical judgment. In addition, it is important to promote clinical research and to actively carry out clinical ethical discussions on this disease.

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