Hemodilutional Autotransfusion in Urological Operations Yutaka Arai 1 , Kyun I Park 1 , Tatsuhiro Yoshiki 1 , Yoshikazu Sai 2 , Shyuichi Nosaka 2 , Yusaku Okada 1 Keyword: 自己血輸血 pp.663-666
Published Date 1998/8/20
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1413902392
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We employed hemodilutional autotransfusion in order to avoid homologous blood transfusion. Twenty-two patients, 14 male and 8 female, were included in this study. The details of operations are radical prostatectomy in 5 patients, nephroureterectomy in 3, retroperitoneal lymph node dis-section in 3, radical cystectomy in 3, radical cystectomy with urethrectomy in 2, radical nephrectomy in 2 and opera-tions for benign diseases in 4. Patients with significant cardiovascular disease, respiratory insufficiency, hemostatic defect or anemia (hemoglobin<10g/dl) were excluded.

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