RESULTS OF ENDOSCOPIC BLADDER NECK SUSPENSION WITHOUT VAGINAL INCISION (MODIFIED GITTES PROCEDURE) FOR FEMALE STRESS URINARY INCONTINENCE Shigeru Sakai 1 , Shogo Shimamura 1 , Akifumi Yokoo 1 , Kazu-hiro Suzuki 1 , Noriyoshi Suzuki 2 , Masato Sano 3 , Makoto Kimura 4 Keyword: 腹圧性尿失禁 , 膀胱頸部吊り上げ術 pp.835-838
Published Date 1997/10/20
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1413902164
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We have performed the endoscopic bladder neck sus-pension without vaginal incision and pledgets (modified Gittes procedure) for female stress urinary incontinence since June, 1991. All 10 patients (100%) became com-pletely continent at the time of the 13~27 days postoper-ative evaluation with significant decrement of posterioir urethrovesical angle in the cystogram, and without remarkable changes in the urodynamic studies and resid-ual urine estimation. Disappearance and marked improvement of urinary incontinence was confirmed in 7 cases (87.5%) at the time of 19.5 months on the averageafter the operation.

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