Rinsho Hinyokika Volume 66, Issue 9 (August 2012)

A case of huge prostatic abscess resolved by antibiotic agents with cystostomy. Makoto Iwasaki 1 , Masataka Kobayashi 1 , Koichi Udagawa 1 1Department of Urology, Hiratsuka Kyosai Hospital Keyword: 前立腺膿瘍 , 薬物治療 pp.689-691
Published Date 2012/8/20
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1413102883
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A 58-year-old male presented with high fever and perineal pain. Digital rectal examination revealed fluctuation of the prostate and CT showed multiple cystic lesions in the enlarged prostate. Based on the diagnosis of prostatic abscess, we treated him with antibiotic administration and placement of suprapubic cystostomy catether. After those procedures, the abscess diminished in size, and his general condition ameliorated. We experienced a rather rare case of large prostatic abscess successfully treated without surgical drainage.

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66巻9号 (2012年8月)
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