Nd-YAG anterior capsulotomy for higher-order aberrations by capsular bag contraction in eyes inserted with acrylic intraocular lens Mitsutoshi Nakamura 1 1Ophthalmology Nakamura Clinic pp.523-529
Published Date 2017/4/15
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1410212224
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Abstract Purpose: To report diagnosis and treatment of higher-order aberrations in eyes inserted with acrylic intraocular lens(IOL).

Cases and Method: This study was made on 8 eyes of 8 cases who received insertion of acrylic IOL and who showed higher-order aberrations not associated with IOL malpositioning. Higher-order aberrations were measured before and after Nd-YAG anterior capsulotomy.

Results: Higher-order aberrations due to anterior capsule contraction consisted of complex form of coma, trefoil and tetrafoil in higher-order aberrations. All the 8 eyes showed significantly reduced higher-order aberrations after Nd-YAG anterior capsulotomy. Root mean square of higher-order aberrations averaged 0.673 and 0.374 respectively before and after Nd-YAG anterior capsulotomy. The difference was significant(p=0.019).

Conclusion: Higher-order aberrations may be one of postoperative complications of acrylic IOL. These aberrations decreased after Nd-YAG anterior capsulotomy.

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