The natural course of branch retinal vein occlusion Masahiko Ayaki 1 , Hiroshi Katsura 1 1Dep. of Ophthalmol., Keio Univ. Sch. of Med. pp.1347-1351
Published Date 1985/12/15
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1410209574
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We evaluated the natural course of 54 eyes (53 cases) with branch retinal vein occlusion. These cases are a part of a larger series as others were treated by photocoagulation during the early stage of the disease. The observation period ranged from 6 months to 6 years, average 18 months.

The final visual acuity was 0.5 or better in 33 eyes (61%), 0.4 to 0.2 in 12 eyes (22%) and 0.1 or less in 9 eyes (17%). The final visual acuity was positively correlated with the age (p < 0.005), impaired perifoveal capillary network (p < 0.01) and the macular edema initially present (p <0.05).

In the majority of cases with good final visual acuity, a transient fall in visual acuity was a fre-quent event within 2 months after onset of the disease. In the early stage of the disease, therefore, due precaution is necessary to assess the final visual prognosis and decide the indication for photocoa-gulation.

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