Learning curve of Trabectome for glaucoma Takanori Mizoguchi 1 , Shiro Nishigaki 2 , Shigeyasu Kazama 3 , Mamoru Okada 4 , Nobuchika Ogino 2 1Mizoguchi Eye Clin 2Nishigaki Eye Clin 3Shinjou Eye Clin 4Kurashiki Central Hosp pp.1967-1971
Published Date 2013/12/15
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1410105058
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Abstract. Purpose:To report the outcome of Trabectome dependent on the experience by 3 surgeons. Cases and Method:This study was made on 60 eyes of 56 patients who received Trabectome for glaucoma. The age ranged from 28 to 91 years, average 70 years. Primary open-angle glaucoma was present in 34 eyes, normal-tension glaucoma in 6 eyes, and exfoliative glaucoma in 20 eyes. Trabectome was performed by 3 surgeons. The outcome was evaluated for the initial 10 cases each totalling 30 cases and for the next 10 cases each totalling 30 cases. All the cases were followed up for 3 months or longer. Results:Rate of decrease in intraocular pressure averaged 16.5±28.0% for the initial 30 cases and 21.6±20.2% for the next 30 cases. The difference was not significant. No significant difference was present regarding the range of Trabectome, visual acuity, or complications after surgery. Postoperative hyphema was more frequent in the initial than next 30 cases(p=0.04). Conclusion:Outcome of Trabectome was similar in the initial 30 and next 30 cases when performed by three surgeons.

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