Rinsho Ganka Volume 57, Issue 4 (April 2003)

Perception of characters written with colored chalks on the blackboard by congenitally color-defective persons Yoshiteru Nishio 1 , Akiko Kubo 1 , Kenji Kitahara 1 , Kaoru Nakamura 2 , Osamu Okajima 3 1Dept of Ophthalmol,Jikei Univ Sch of Med 2Dept of Ophthalmol,Tokyo Women's Med Univ Sch of Med 3Dept of Ophthalmol,Sanraku Hosp pp.521-525
Published Date 2003/4/15
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1410101186
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Abstract. We tested 51 congenitally color-defective persons regarding the ability to distinguish colors of characters written on the blackboard with white,red,yellow,green and blue chalks. Their ages ranged from 15 to 58 years. Another series of 5 normal persons,who served as control,made no error in distinguishing the five colors. A total of 37 out of 51 color-defective persons(72.5%)gave false answers. This finding suggests that congenitally color-defective persons have difficulty in distinguishing characters written on the blackboard with colored chalks.We advocate due improvements in this regard.

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57巻4号 (2003年4月)
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