ON THE LOCALIZATION OF GLIOMAS Fusahiro Ikuta 1,2 1Department of Neurological Surgery pp.751-767
Published Date 1958/11/1
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1406200723
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A number of investigators have tried to correlate the localization and the histologic finding of glioma group but this attempts have been realized not yet. The author, in a study of 101 autopsy cases of glioma, corn-pared their localization and developmental pattern with the histologic picture. In this study, he adopted a localizing representation, different from a customary one, which desig-nates a wlioma in relation to the lobes.

The results obtained are briefly as follo-wing:

In telencephalon the gliomas gradually change their histologic picture from mature to immature, as their location moves from frontal through occipital to temporal regions: that is, from frontal astrocytoma through astroblastoma, benign and malignant spongio-blastoma in intervenient areas to temporal glioblastoma.

He named this stream of gradual transfor-mation toward immature type, "Trend Line." Moreover, he found in telencephalon another trend line, which, starting from the foramen of Monro or its neighborhood, runs toward rhinencephalon.

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