Two Terminally Ill Cancer Patients who Developed Psychogenic Vomiting after Disclosure of Malignant Disease Tatsuya MORITA 1 , Satoshi INOUE 1 , Satoshi CHIHARA 1 1Hospice, Seirei Mikatabara Hospital Keyword: Palliative care , Advanced cancer , Psychogenic vomiting , Truth telling pp.1187-1191
Published Date 1998/11/15
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1405904649
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 Two terminally ill cancer patients who developed psychogenic vomiting after disclosure of malignant disease were reported. In both cases, unexpected and sudden disclosure was the origin of the somatic symptoms. Although they suspected that they had terminal cancer, their physician and family members did not inform them of the truth. Thus, they felt isolated and distrustful, which manifested itself as somatization. Intervention to facilitate telling the truth worked effectively in palliation of their somatoform symptoms.

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