Latest Developments in DSM-5: Preliminary results of field trials Chihiro MATSUMOTO 1,2 , Toshimasa MARUTA 1 , Makio IIMORI 1 1Department of Psychiatry, Tokyo Medical University, Tokyo, Japan 2Department of Psychology, Integrated Human Science, Sophia University Keyword: DSM-5 , Diagnostic classification , Reliability pp.185-192
Published Date 2013/2/15
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1405102389
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 The fifth edition of the DSM is scheduled to be finalized and published in 2013. A series of symposia concerning the development of the DSM-5 was held at the 165th meeting of the American Psychiatric Association in May, 2012, where the preliminary results of field trials, primarily concerned with test-retest reliability, were presented. The results of the reliability assessments of the DSM-5 were generally lower than those of its previous edition, the DSM-Ⅳ, and this led to concerns and criticism worldwide. This paper presents the results, as well as the methodological differences of the field trials conducted for the DSM-Ⅳ and DSM-5. Furthermore, we discuss the role that diagnostic classification systems are expected to fulfill in relation to reliability.

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