Canceration from Hyperplastic Polyps Is Called the Serrated Neoplastic Pathway Tsutomu Nagata 1 , Osamu Tsuruta 2 , Toshihiro Araki 1 , Shinpei Minami 1 , Tomonori Cho 1 , Kouta Shigetou 1 , Yoshio Kusaba 1 , Tomoyuki Nakane 1 , Akihiro Ohuchi 1 , Yasufumi Kunitake 1 , Hiroshi Hisanaga 1 , Shuhei Fukunaga 1 , Michita Mukasa 1 , Hiroshi Kawano 2 , Keiichi Mitsuyama 1 , Takuji Torimura 1 1Division of Gastroenterology, Kurume University Hospital, Kurume, Japan 2Division of Gastroenterology, St Mary's Hospital, Kurume, Japan Keyword: 大腸鋸歯状病変 , SSA/P , SSA/P with cytological dysplasia , serrated neoplastic pathway , 治療適応 pp.1589-1596
Published Date 2020/12/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403202206
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 Serrated neoplasia pathway is the canceration from hyperplastic polyps. There are various opinions about the treatment of serrated lesions, but the presence of tumorigenesis, especially cytological dysplasia in SSA/P, which is clear in our study, is usually the presence of two-step ridges/nodules and redness in endoscopy ; furthermore, using J-NET and pit pattern classifications in magnifying endoscopy to identify the existence of tumors is useful, thereby greatly contributing to the treatment indication for serrated lesions of the colon. We also anticipate the endoscopic diagnosis tools, such as ultramagnifying endoscopes and AI.

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