Stomach and Intestine(Tokyo) Volume 54, Issue 4 (April 2019)

Classification and Histopathological Diagnosis of Diseases of the Small Intestine Takashi Yao 1 , Yumi Oshiro 2 , Ryo Wada 3 1Department of Human Pathology,Juntendo University Graduate School of Medicine1, Tokyo 2Department of Pathology, Matsuyama Red Cross Hospital, Matsuyama, Japan 3Division of Diagnostic Pathology, Juntendo University Shizuoka Hospital, Izunokuni, Japan Keyword: 悪性リンパ腫 , lobular capillary hemangioma , IFP , MIVOD , 家族性地中海熱 pp.440-449
Published Date 2019/4/25
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 There are various diseases of the small intestine, such as malformation, inflammatory diseases, tumors(epithelial and non-epithelial), and tumor-like lesions ; however, the occurrence of lesions in the small intestine is relatively infrequent. Further, the differential diagnosis of rare diseases is often difficult. In the diagnosis of small bowel diseases, it is necessary to understand the pathological classification to know the histopathological features, and the usefulness of biopsy for differential diagnosis.

 In this report, in addition to the basic knowledge about small bowel diseases, we outline the histopathological features of important and rare diseases of the small intestine.

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