Stomach and Intestine(Tokyo) Volume 53, Issue 13 (December 2018)

Endo-ultrasonographic Diagnosis and Therapy of Esophagogastric Varices Kazunori Nagashima 1 , Atsushi Irisawa 1 , Kohei Tsuchida 1 , Keiichiro Abe 1 , Akira Kanamori 1 , Takahito Minaguchi 1 , Naoya Izawa 1 , Kazuo Takenaka 1 , Hidehito Jin-nai 1 , Takeshi Sugaya 1 , Keiichi Tominaga 1 , Yuichi Majima 1 , Toshimitsu Murohisa 1 , Makoto Iijima 1 , Goro Shibukawa 2 , Katsutoshi Obara 3 1Department of Gastroenterology, Dokkyo Medical University School of Medicine, Tochigi, Japan 2Department of Gastroenterology, Aizu Medical Center, Fukushima Medical University, Aizuwakamatsu, Japan 3Department of Advanced Gastroenterological Endoscopy, Fukushima Medical University, Fukushima, Japan Keyword: EUS , 食道・胃静脈瘤 , 内視鏡的食道静脈瘤硬化療法 , EUS-FNA , コイル塞栓 pp.1783-1787
Published Date 2018/12/25
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 Esophagogastric varices may be treated without the use of EUS(endoscopic ultrasonography)imaging. However, understanding the local hemodynamics of the varices using EUS imaging prior to treatment leads to safe and effective treatment. In addition, EUS imaging performed after treatment also provides information on residual blood flow in the varices, which is usually difficult to detect using endoscopes. Hence, the requirement for additional treatment may be determined. EUS imaging is an indispensable tool for the careful management of varices. In recent years, EUS imaging has been applied to both the diagnosis and treatment of gastric varices. Coil deployment in gastric varices using EUS-fine needle aspiration technology is expected to develop as a new endoscopic treatment.

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53巻13号 (2018年12月)
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