Diagnosis of Small Intestine Disease with Stricture Formation, on CT and MRI Yuki Yamashiro 1 , Hitomi Kato 1 , Ryohei Kuwatsuru 1 1Department of Radiology, Juntendo University Faculty of Medicine, Tokyo Keyword: 小腸狭窄 , 小腸癌 , 小腸びまん性大細胞型B細胞リンパ腫 , 小腸GIST , Crohn病 pp.1692-1698
Published Date 2016/12/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403200787
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 The causes of small intestine disease with stricture formation are roughly divided as follows:inflammatory disease and tumorous stenosis. Small intestine inflammatory disease and tumorous stenosis are rare compared with other gastrointestinal tract diseases. Diagnosis of small intestine stenotic disease cannot be observed on the commonly performed radiographic and endoscopic examinations. It often takes more time to diagnose small intestine disease. Inflammatory stenosis sometimes has severe consequences, such as ileus and intestinal perforations; thus, early diagnosis is important. Recently, capsule and balloon endoscopy evaluations of the small intestine have been included. However, technological progress in CT(computed tomography)and MRI(magnetic resonance imaging)is remarkable, and it has become possible to evaluate the intestinal wall and mesenteric vessels. Here we present a discussion of cases in which CT and MRI demonstrated stenosis resulting in intestinal lesions.

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