Endoscopic Diagnosis of Duodenal Adenoma and Early Cancers Haruka Fujinami 1 , Shuji Inatsuchi 2 1Department of Endoscopy, Toyama University Hospital, Toyama, Japan 2Internal Medicine, Toyama Teishin Hospital, Toyama, Japan Keyword: 十二指腸腺腫 , 十二指腸癌 , 通常観察 , 拡大観察 , 診断基準 pp.629-639
Published Date 2015/5/24
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403200291
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 Due to the rarity of duodenal neoplastic lesions, there is little knowledge about the differential diagnosis between duodenal adenoma and early cancer. We examined 37 endoscopic findings that matched a previous report with the case that I experienced in Toyama University Hospital. Duodenal adenomas visualized using conventional endoscopy are characteristically flat, elevated lesions that present with a granule structure on the tumor surface. On the other hand, a cancerous tumor appears as a reddish, tuberous lesion. Using narrow-band imaging magnified endoscopy, it was difficult to distinguish an adenoma from a cancer according to the micro-surface pattern. Mucosal cancers can be effectively differentiated using the identification of irregular microvascular patterns. However, accumulation of further data is necessary because there are few case reports that used narrow-band imaging magnified endoscopic observation for adenoma and cancer differentiation.

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