Stomach and Intestine(Tokyo) Volume 54, Issue 8 (July 2019)

Magnifying Endoscopy with Narrow-Band Imaging for Superficial Non-ampullary Duodenal Epithelial Tumors before Biopsy Shigetsugu Tsuji 1 , Hiroyoshi Nakanishi 1 , Sho Tsuyama 2 , Kazuyoshi Katayanagi 3 , Hiroshi Minato 3 , Takashi Yao 2 , Kenshi Yao 4 , Hisashi Doyama 1 1Department of Gastroenterology, Ishikawa Prefectural Central Hospital, Kanazawa, Japan 2Department of Human Pathology, School of Medicine, Juntendo University, Tokyo 3Department of Diagnostic Pathology, Ishikawa Prefectural Central Hospital, Kanazawa, Japan 4Department of Endoscopy, Fukuoka University Chikushi Hospital, Chikushino, Japan Keyword: 表在性非乳頭部十二指腸上皮性腫瘍 , SNADET , 生検 , NBI併用拡大内視鏡 , 十二指腸腺腫 , 十二指腸癌 pp.1121-1130
Published Date 2019/7/25
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 Aim:We previously reported that M-NBI(magnifying endoscopy with narrow band imaging)findings in SNADETs(superficial non-ampullary duodenal epithelial tumors)can be modified by biopsy. This study aims to evaluate the diagnostic performance of M-NBI in SNADETs before biopsy.

 Methods:We retrospectively analyzed the M-NBI images before biopsy and the resected specimens of 34 consecutive SNADETs. Lesions were classified into two groups according to the Vienna classification:category 3(12 lesions, 35%)and category 4(22 lesions, 65%). The correlation between the characteristics of microvascular and microsurface findings at M-NBI and histopathological diagnosis of SNADETs were also evaluated. Diagnosis of M-NBI was conducted according to the VS(vessel plus surface)classification system, which is established for the early diagnosis of gastric cancer.

 Results:The accuracy, sensitivity, and specificity of preoperative diagnoses using M-NBI according to the VS classification system were 82%, 96%, and 58%, respectively ; furthermore, the accuracy, sensitivity, and specificity of the preoperative diagnoses except for pedunculated lesions were 88%, 96%, and 70%, respectively.

 Conclusions:The accuracy of M-NBI according to the VS classification system in SNADETs was found to be notable for distinguishing carcinomas from benign lesions ; therefore, application of M-NBI endoscopy in SNADETs before biopsy is of great significance for clinical practice. However, additional advantages of M-NBI endoscopy remain unclear, and further studies need to be conducted.

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