Preoperatively Diagnosed Minute Carcinoid Tumor of the Stomach, Report of a Case Shinji Miyamoto 1,2 , Shun-ichi Tanabe 1 , seiichi kobukata 1 , Kazukuni Hanzawa 1 , Yasuaki Fujiyoshi 3 1Department of Surgery, San-Ai Hospital 3The Second Department of Pathology, Kurume University School of Medicine Keyword: 微小胃癌 , カルチノイド , 内視鏡診断 pp.1113-1117
Published Date 1990/9/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403111411
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 The patient was a 33-year-old woman with a chief complaint of epigastric distress. Gastroscopy disclosed an ulcer on the anterior wall of the upper body and a small reddish mucosal upheaval (diameter 4 mm) on the greater curvature of the middle body. Biopsy specimen from the upheaval lesion revealed typical features of carcinoid tumor. In the laboratory findings, serum gastrin and glucagon levels were high at 169 pg/ml and 341 pg/ml. respectively. Glucose tolerances was normal and gastric juice was hypochlorhydria. A subtotal gas-trectomy was performed. Histologically, the tumor con-sisting of cells arranged in nests and trabeculae was present in the submucosal layer in the corpus of the stomach. Grimelius staining was positive but, using the immunohistochemical method, tests to detect gastrin, glucagon, serotonin, and somatostatin respectively in the cells showed negative results. Multiple endocrine cell micronests (ECMs) were found in the fundic gland area but there was no more neoplastic carcinoid. After the operation serum gastrin level returned to within normal range but serum glucagon level remained at 242 pg/ml. These findings showed that hyperglucagonemia was not caused by this carcinoid tumor.

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