Endoscopic Fundamental Findings of Minute or Small Gastric Cancers Akimichi Chonan 1 , Masao Ando 1 , Fukuji Mochizuki 1 1Department of Gastroenterology, JR Sendai Hospital Keyword: 微小胃癌 , 小胃癌 , 内視鏡診断 pp.111-118
Published Date 2000/1/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403104635
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 Endoscopic fundamental findings of minute or small gastric cancers were reviewed.

 1) Depressed type minute or small gastric cancers; Typically, small stellar reddish depression associated with surrounding rough granular elevation and spineshaped extension was characteristic of the differentiated type of minute or small cancers. Though, some of them were recognized as small irregular reddish depressions associated with surrounding smooth elevation or without surrounding elevation.

 On the other hand, discolored small irregular depression without surrounding elevation was characteristic of the undifferentiated type of minute or small cancers. They are frequently associated with reddish granular spots.

 2) Protruding-type minute or small gastric cancers; Slight reddish or discolored small elevation with clear margin was characteristic of the protruding-type minute or small gastric cancers. Most of them were differentiated type adenocarcinoma.

 3) Care must be taken to detect slight abnormalities, and accurate biopsy is required, so that minute or small gastric cancers are not overlooked.

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