A CASE OF EARLY CARCINOMA OF THE SIGMOID COLON Masakazu Maruyama 1 , Kenji Kumakura 1 , Kyoichi Nakamura 3 1Cancer Institute Hospital pp.349-356
Published Date 1969/3/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403110985
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 A man aged forty was referred to Cancer Institute Hospital with the chief complaint of tarry stool which he noticed at the beginning of April,1968. Proctoscopy in the out-patient clinic (June llth,1968) revealed a peanut-sized polypoid growth with two diminutive nodules in the left anterior aspect of the bowel, at about 18 cm away from the anal verge, and biopsy was performed.

The patient was admitted on July 5th, 1968.

 In the double contrast radiographs (July 9th, 1968) an irregularly shaped, nodular elevation of the mucosa was clearly demonstrated in the mid-portion of the sigmoid colon, and early carcinoma, what is called superficial, elevated Type (Ⅱa) in that of the stomach, was suspected.

 Histological study of the biopsied material, however, could not confirm the malignancy of the lesion. It was diagnosed as atypical epithelium (borderline case).

 Operation (July 15 th, 1968) was performed on the ground that it could not be determined at present whether the atypical epithelium was malignant or benign, and that the possibility of carcinoma in atypical epithelium or adenoma with carcinoma in situ could not be excluded in this case.

 In the histological study of the resected specimen, the greater part of the lesion consisted of atypical epithelium, but some parts showing intraluminal papillary projection with disorder of nuclear arrangement, abnormal cytoplasma-nucleus ratio, and loss of mucin-secretion were definitely diagnosed as malignant.

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