ONE CASE OF Ⅱc TYPE EARLY GASTRIC CANCER Jun Muramatsu 1 1The 2nd Clinical Department of Internal Medicine. School of Medicine, Chiba University. pp.829-835
Published Date 1968/6/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403110848
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 X-ray photographs, endoscopical findings and pathological (histological) findings of Ⅱc type early gastric cancer (S. N.,49, female) situated at posterior wall of gastric corpus the near greater curvature and 12×3 mm in size, were presented. Peroicl from the onset of syptom to the operation was six months. Macroscopical change was very small, but infiltration of cancer cell already reached to submucosal layer histologically. U1 type ulcus scar was noticed at the centre. Roentgenologically big mucosal fold gathered and broke at the centre of the cancer clearly, because cancer was situated near the greater curvature side and hardening change of infiltrating cancer was accompanied with it.

 This Ⅱc type change was affirmed by fluoroscopy. Usually, Ⅱc type cancer about 10 mm in size is restricted inside of mucous membrane and shows no or slight scar formation, but this case showed submucosal cancer infiltration and U1 type scar formation. This change was situated at posterior wall of the greater curvature side. Even this kind of change was able to reveal by double contrasted method. Histopathological findings may be supposed by roentgenologic image and fluoroscopic examination.

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