X-RAY DIAGNOSIS OF THE ESOPHAGUS Syuichi Mikuriya 1 1National Cancer Center Hospital pp.1345-1358
Published Date 1968/10/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403110697
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1. The routine radiological techniques for esophageal diseases are briefly described.

2. Some typical cases of benign esophageal diseases, such as functional disturbances, diverticulum, achalasia, stenosis, hiatus hernia, fistula, varices and benign ulcer of the esophagus, are presented with some explanation for reading films.

3. Typical X-ray findings of 1) benign tumors 2) carcinoma and 3) sarcoma are demonstrated with some additional explanation.

4, A proposed radiological classfication for esophageal carcinoma is presented and the usefulness of it for the indication of some treatment methods is explained.

5. One case of so-called early esophageal carcinoma experienced in our clinic is demonstrated. The possibility and the prospect for early diagnosis of the esophageal carcinoma are discussed finally, with special reference to some recently reported early cases in Japan.

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