REPORT ON A CASE OF EARLY GASTRIC CANCER FOUND IN SESSILE POLYPOID LESION Tadashi Ujiie 1 1Clinic of Internal Medicine, Sapporo National Hospital pp.1717-1724
Published Date 1968/12/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403110613
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 A 43-year-old man visited Sapporo National Hospital for a thorough examination of the stomach in February,1967. Two months before a local spasm on the greater curvature of the body had been confirmed by means of indirect radiographic gastric mass survey. By endoscopic and X-ray examination a small polypoid lesion was found in the greater curvature side of the antrum.

 In Oct., '67, he received a follow-up examination. Then it was suspected that the lesion had become malignant, because the small elevated areas, as shown by compression technique in X-ray examination, looked, through endoscopic observation, like an irregular polypoid lesion with faded colour, surrounded by hyperemic mucosa.

 On Nov. 30, '67 subtotal gastrectomy was done under tentative diagnosis of gastric cancer. The resected stomach revealed a sessile polypoid area, 4×3.5cm in size, in the greater curvature of the the antrum.

 Microscopic studies were done of all the specimens obtained from this lesion by means of the step-sectioning method. It was found that the gastric pits in the lesion consisted of more or less atypical epithelia. Proliferation of the pyloric glands and their cystic dilatation formed polypoid thickening with vertical branching of the muscularis mucosae. There were found a few tiny invasive carcinomas within these atypical epithelia. These were determined as definitely malignant on the basis of such findings as “front formation”, “budding”, “lost polarity” etc. No infiltration of carcinoma through the muscularis mucosae and no metastases to other regions of the stomach were found.

 It was concluded that the atypical epithelia of the sessile polypoid proliferation might be followed by carcinoma in situ.

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