Mucin-Producing Pancreatic Cancer Kazuhiko Ohhashi 1 1Department of Internal Medicine, Cancer Institute Hospital pp.755-766
Published Date 1986/7/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403110340
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 Mucin-producing pancreatic cancer is defined as follows: main pancreatic duct dilates diffusely because of viscous pancreatic juice secreted by cancer cells and the orifice of the pancreatic duct opens widely. Mucin can be observed draining out through the orifice. This type of cancer includes several different histological patterns. Since our first report in 1980, 22 cases of mucin-producing pancreatic cancer (including 7 of our own cases) have been analyzed with a view to discovering their clinico-pathological characteristics In addition to specific findings concerning the major papilla and the pancreatogram mentioned above, 5 other characteristics were revealed. Firstly, the disease is more prevalent in males than female. It is most prevalent in the 60 and 70 age group. Secondly, 4 patients had previous history of acute pancreatitis caused by impaction of viscous pancreatic juice at the papilla. Thirdly, there was elevation of serum and/or urinary amylase level, abnormality revealed in the glucose tolerance test and extra-gastric compression on barium meal study in nearly half of the cases. Fourthly, dilatation of the pancreatic duct or cystic mass was often observed on US and CT. Angiography showed displacement of peri-pancreatic artery at the main abnormality different from encasement. Fifthly, the tumor was located in the head of the pancreas in 76.2% of the patients. Pancreatoduodenectomy was the commonest method of operation. Prognosis of this cancer was favorable, e.g. 3 patients have survived more than 5 years after resection. Analysis of more cases will lead to a better knowledge of the development pattern of this tumor, and will enable the recongnition of the initial signs of this cancer on the pancreatogram.

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