Diagnosis of Pancreatic Cystic Diseases by ERCP Kenji Yamao 1 , Saburo Nakazawa 1 , Yasuo Naitoh 1 1The Second Department of Internal Medicine, Nagoya University, School of Medicine pp.745-753
Published Date 1986/7/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403110337
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 Pancreatic cysts are caused by various kinds of pancreatic diseases, especially pancreatic cancer or chronic pancreatitis. One hundred and three cases of pancreatic cysts were analyzed with special reference to their pancreatograms. In cases of inflammatory cysts, ERCP is a useful method to diagnose their underlying causes, because ERCP was able to describe, as pooling of radiopaque, about sixty percent of pancreatic cysts with chronic pancreatitis. In addition to this, ninety one percent of cases without communication to pancreatic ducts showed abnormal pancreatograms indicating chronic pancreatitis. Even in cases of neoplastic cysts, most of them appeared as dislocation of pancreatic ducts or as massive dilatation of the main pancreatic duct or large branch ducts with filling defect. For this reason, when we get these typical pancreatograms without changes of chronic pancreatitis, we can easily make correct diagnosis of neoplastic cyst. Moreover, ERCP was useful to aid speculation about the origin of pancreatic neoplastic cysts. According to the analysis of pancreatograms and histology, mucinous cystic tumors such as mucinous cystadenoma and cystadenocarcinoma are thought to be very similar to mucinous adenocarcinoma.

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