Pancreatic Cancer with Good Prognosis K. Takagi 1 1Department of Surgery, Cancer Institute Hospital pp.1193-1205
Published Date 1984/11/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403109555
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 Cases pancreatic cancer with good prognosis and surviving more than five years after surgery were studied. The authors discovered that many cases of them showed protruded growth and no capsular invasion in spite of the fact that they were more than 2 cm in size. Out of nine early pancreatic cancer cases found, eight survived three to four years after resection, by us showing good prognosis.

 The mode of cancer growth in the pancreas was compared to that of intramural spread of gastric cancer. Mucous producing cancer appeared and spread in the main pancreatic duct, and developed into form of protrusion. These are signs of good prognosis in pancreatic cancer.

 In the case of early solid cancer, carcinoma in situ was not recognized clinically in the pancreatic duct. It most probably invades the periphery of the duct in its early stage. For these solid cancer which occur in the neighbouring area of the main pancreatic duct, if they are within 1.5 cm of size the head of the pancreas or 1 cm of body of the pancreas, we can predict their prognosis to be good.

 Moreover, an attention should be paid to cases of recondary pancreatitis in the main pancreatic duct and neighbouring area due to cancer, and the further investigation should be done by as many ERCP as possible. This procedure may enable early diagnosis and detection which lead to good prognosis.

 Cystadenocarcinoma and acinar cell carcinoma were recognized in special-type pancreatic cancer with good prognosis.

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